Top 10 skills the new age marketer should possess

The entire world is transforming due to the advent of new trends and technologies, and marketing as a function is also constantly evolving. From how we communicate with customers about our offerings & services to how we measure Return on Marketing Investment, the traditional way of doing marketing has changed. Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Next Best Action software, Email automation tools, and data-driven decision making are some examples of new developments in marketing. To keep up with this constantly changing world, the modern marketer should possess a perfect mix of both hard and soft skills for a successful career in marketing. Below are the top 10 essential skills the new age marketer should possess

1) Content Writing

Content is king. It always has been, and it always will be. Great content helps to create awareness in the market and drives traffic to your products/services. It is also the base for digital marketing. A marketer should know the most effective ways of writing an article about his product/service to promote it across all the channels. The content should resonate with the needs of the target market, thus creating leads and finally converting them into customers. This includes creating blogs, whitepapers, brochures, and flyers for your offerings. Although all marketing positions don’t involve content creation, writing skills are a must for any marketing role. Email writing, responding to customer queries and posting updates on social media handles will also represent your brand.

2) Analytical skills

Data is the new oil and it doesn’t matter which field of marketing you are in, analytics will be a part of the role. Data-driven analytics is used to find insights from customer data, to drive personalized marketing, to analyze campaign performance, to optimize the ROI and to make data-driven decisions. Some of the new age analytical skills for a marketer are to learn tools such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Marketo, etc. and to understand basic statistical concepts.

3) Effective Communication

Successful marketers are those who know how to convey a message precisely and effectively to their customers. Effective communication encompasses the nature of the message, tone, sentiment, and fluency in the given language. It also includes writing great content and promoting it through different channels. Public speaking, Non-verbal communication, and visual communication are some of the main skills a marketer needs to cultivate. A good marketer should never stop trying to improve his/her communication.

4) Creative Thinking

Creativity is the mother of new inventions. Set up free time for your thought process and build creativity within the team by brainstorming, coming up with brand new ideas for campaigns and having an expendable budget for testing them on a smaller audience. Always remember that the public will love new innovative messaging, which will set you apart from the other competitors. Taking newer approaches will also keep the entire team hooked, as it allows them to explore different ideas.

5) A good grasp on technology

A top analyst firm has predicted that in the coming years, marketing function will spend more on technology than the IT sector itself. Thus, every marketer must be proficient with common marketing applications and systems. Some examples of these include CRM, Marketing Automation, email marketing, analytic tools, SEO and other digital marketing technologies. Having good knowledge of video and design applications will be a plus as it will be easier to grasp when communicating with different teams to implement your ideas.

6) MS Office skills

Advanced knowledge of MS Excel, Powerpoint, Word is a must for every marketer at the beginning of his/her career. In marketing, there will always be a requirement to work with MS Office apps like conducting customer data analysis & keeping track of campaigns, presenting marketing plans to top management and reviewing drafts of unpublished content. Thus being well equipped in operating these applications will give an upper hand in your career.

7) Continuous Learning

Always be aware of what is happening in the market. Keep a note on the latest happening in your industry, what your competitors are doing, their latest innovations, how the target markets are evolving, factors that could affect the consumer buying process, etc. This will give ideas on designing marketing strategies & running effective marketing campaigns for your products to stay ahead and gain a competitive edge.

8) Social Media skills

Having a social media presence is key in creating brand awareness. From small businesses to multi-national companies, all depend on social media marketing to keep their target market updated on what they have to offer. Companies use social media to build their brand, amplify through word of mouth, conduct referral programs, understand consumer behavior and promote offers. As a marketer, it is required to be comfortable in handling multiple social media handles, posting updates regularly and responding to queries. Learning to handle paid media advertising through Facebook/ Instagram Ads manager, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter for Business will uplift your career in digital marketing.

9) Time management

Marketers will have a lot of varied jobs to complete and it is easy to get them mixed up or miss some important steps in the process. Therefore it is necessary to always have a schedule where every task is arranged according to their priority, thus making it easier to follow up. This also results in effective time management and meeting deadlines while also ensuring that the quality of the results is not affected.

10) Flexibility

Modern marketers might have to play different roles within the marketing function due to the changing demands of the target audience. You must be flexible enough to play back end jobs such as sitting with the design team to get work done as well as front end tasks such as engaging with clients and vendors. Adapting to the nature of a job is thus important. An added advantage of involving in multiple tasks is gaining a holistic knowledge of the marketing process in an organization.


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